Press release: Number of cyber incidents doubled in 2014

• 7 times more incidents reported in 2014 than in 2010
• Cyber incidents become more and more complex, the Belgian Federal Cyber Emergency Team, publishes a report today with results of all reports the organisation received in 2014. The most striking result: the total number of cyber incidents has more than doubled compared to 2013. received an average of 822 reports of cyber incidents in 2014 compared to 339 in 2013. Looking back at 2010, the number of cyber incidents is even seven times higher.

"We increased our visibility and more well known, which means that companies and organisations report incidents more easily. They know we will handle them in all confidentiality”, says Christian Van Heurck, coordinator of "But that is not the only explanation for the increase. There are simply more cyber incidents. And the quality of the reports has increased as well. Incidents become more and more complex which requires a more thorough analysis."

Reports of the IT-infrastructure being scanned by a third party are most common. "Major security issues like Heartbleed and Poodle before that caused important vulnerabilities in a large number of IT-systems. These are still being scanned and exploited”, says Christian Van Heurck.

These reports are only the tip of the iceberg: they are a limited part of all cyber incidents taking place in Belgium.

"This is a small part of what is really happening out there. That’s why we ask all companies and organisations to keep reporting incidents in all confidentiality, even when they don’t need assistance or advice from us. This allows us to get a general view of the current situation."

The full report with all reports received in 2014 can be downloaded on our website.