Whitepaper DDoS: Proactive and reactive measures

CERT.be published a whitepaper about DDoS. This whitepaper is a summary of the different open source information concerning DDoS attacks.

About the whitepaper

This document serves as guideline, help and advice for the Belgian public and private sector to deal with DDoS attacks. The document will not stop a DDoS attack but it will help you being prepared and having response capabilities when an attack happens.

It starts with explaining the different types of DDoS attacks, their impact and their motivation. It will then continue by providing proactive measures to be prepared for an attack and mitigation and reactive measures for surviving and countering an attack.

The proactive and reactive chapters are both preceded by a summary chapter. The summary chapter gives a short overview of recommendations, action points and external references. The chapter following the summary part then contains a more detailed description. If you are in need of quick, summarized guidelines then extract the two summary sections.

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