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The federal Computer Emergency Response Team, or CERT.be for short, is the operational service of the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB). The task of CERT.be is to detect, observe and analyse online security problems, and to inform various target groups accordingly.

Recent advice and warnings

CERT.be recommends upgrading Zyxel device firmware to version "ZLD V5.30".

CERT.be recommends using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) protection for admin and VPN connections configured on these devices.

The CCB recommends installing updates for vulnerable devices with the highest priority, after thorough testing.

New on this website

If not patched and looked after regularly, a company network infrastructure and website will present flaws or weaknesses, called vulnerabilities, that can be exploited by an opponent to cause damage or perform unauthorized actions.

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The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) is the national centre for cyber security in Belgium. The goal of the CCB is to supervise, coordinate and be responsible for the application of Belgium's cyber security strategy. CERT.be is the operational service of the CCB.

The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium